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Optifree Express 2x355ml

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Optifree Express 2x 355ml rinsing Solution

Choose at all times Optifree Express 2x 355ml rinsing Solution. Cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses regularly is essential and ensures that any risk of infection is greatly reduced. The risk of infection is further minimised with the right lens care solution. OPTI-FREE express represents the latest development in soft lens care offering both superb cleaning and disinfecting properties while being gentle on the eyes. PROTEIN REMOVAL FOR GREATER COMFORT Proteins and deposits are actively removed from lenses while soaking in Making your lenses more comfortable to wear. DISINFECTING POWER FOR CONFIDENCE meets FDA and the new 'Stand-alone' Disinfecting Standards of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) which many other leading brands fail to do. OPTI-FREE express kills bacteria and other germs and is one of only a few solutions that are effective against the Acanthamoeba organism. Using effective products should help reduce the risk of contact lens related infections. Has continuous activity which means that once your lenses are soaked, OPTI-FREE express continues to disinfect for up to 30 days. So there is no need to re-disinfect your lenses if you do not wear them every day. EASY TO USE . cleans, rinses, disinfects, removes protein and even stores your lenses. This product comes in a single bottle, making it simple to clean and disinfect your lenses every day. NOT ALL LENS CARE PRODUCTS ARE THE SAME Remember, your eyes are unique and infinitely precious don't cut corners with your lens care procedure or compromise the safety of your eyes with solutions that do not meet the highest standards. OPTI-FREE express is very effective in fighting the germs that can contaminate your lenses. It has even been proven to kill Acanthamoeba, yet is gentle and kind, even on sensitive eyes. Has a built in cleaning system which continues to remove deposits and proteins even whilst your lenses are soaking. This cleaning process helps keep your lenses comfortable for longer. Provides everything that you need in a single bottle so lens care has never been easier. Provides excellent value for money. A 355ml bottle of OPTI-FREE express provides one of the most cost effective ways of caring for your lenses

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