SYSTANE Complete PF 10ml




SYSTANE Complete PF are all-in-one eye drops from Alcon for dry and stressed eyes, which can be used with or without contact lenses. The eye drops do not contain any preservatives and are therefore also ideally suited for sensitive eyes and allergy sufferers. Dry eyes in particular are often red and irritated. The tear film of the eye is often not optimal and has too little moisture or evaporates too quickly. SYSTANE Complete PF repairs the outermost layer of the tear film with its tiny lipid droplets and provides lasting protection against evaporation. In addition, the eye drops provide the tear film with extra moisture, which remains in the eye for a long time. This relieves the annoying feeling of dry, scratchy and watery eyes.

The eye drops can be optimally dosed thanks to the Pureflow dropper bottle. They only let liquid out drop by drop, but nothing can get into the bottle. This protects the liquid from external influences and germs. Therefore, the eye drops do not contain any preservatives and are ideal for allergy sufferers.

The unique combination of nano-lipid technology and HP-Guar (Hydroxypropyl-Guar) stabilises the tear film and protects as well as soothes the eye. The moisture is retained for a long time and the effect of the eye drops can last for up to 8 hours. SYSTANE Complete PF can be used for all forms of dry eye and quickly relieves the symptoms.


Name: SYSTANE Complete PF 10ml

Type: Care products

Manufacturers: Alcon

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