PuraSept 360ml

1x360ml and 1xcontainer


PuraSept, cleans deeply in one step

PuraSept is also very well tolerated by sensitive eyes and is comfortable and easy to handle. PuraSept cleans, disinfects and neutralises all soft contact lenses in just one step. Important: Only use in combination with the supplied special contact lens container PuraSept with platinum catalysator disc.  

Leave contact lenses in the PuraSept lens case for at least 6 hours or overnight to complete the neutralization of the contact lenses. If the contact lenses are stored in the unopened container for more than 24 hours, the cleaning and disinfection process must be repeated before putting them on. For sensitive eyes, it is recommended to rinse the contact lenses with PuraSept saline solution before putting them on.

The economical alternative to AoSept, EasySept and EyeEye MonoSept.



Name: PuraSept 360ml

Type: Care products

Manufacturers: MPGE

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