OmniGerm antibacterial cleaner

50ml cleaner


OmniGerm is a cosmetic hygiene product with antibacterial effect.

 Also ideal for your hand hygiene on the road for inserting and removing your contact lenses!

It contains antibacterial ingredients to support body hygiene without running water, e.g. when travelling, at the beach, in the gym, etc. When using OmniGerm, a feeling similar to washing your hands with soap and water is created. 

OmniGerm does not contain any fragrances or colorants, does not leave any scent traces on the hands and does not change the epidermis (cell layer of the skin). The effective formula moisturizes and softens the skin.

External use - do not use on damaged skin - close the bottle well immediately after use - keep away from heat and do not expose to direct sunlight - keep out of reach of children - less than 5% alcohol content.



Name: OmniGerm antibacterial cleaner

Type: Care products

Manufacturers: MPGE

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