Miru 1Month Menicon - 6

6 pcs. spheric lenses


Miru 1Month Menicon - The new way to see.

From the moment we wake up in the morning until we go back to sleep, we use our eyes to see the world. In doing so, we rely on our vision, which enriches each day of our lives so infinitely. Miru - a Japanese word for seeing, is the name of our innovative and trend-setting soft contact lenses. Miru contact lenses - designed to see the world.

The Miru 1month Menicon offers your eyes an outstanding oxygen supply (Dk/t 161 mmHg). Safe and comfortable to wear throughout the day is ensured by the specially developed MeniSilk™ and Nanogloss™ surface technology. The resulting ultra smooth and supple surface provides optimal wetting properties and preserves the moisture of the Miru 1month Menicon throughout the day. Clear and sharp vision is supported by the deposit resistant properties of the Miru 1month Menicon surface.

The consistently thin edge design of the Miru 1month Menicon ensures a pleasant feeling and optimum comfort directly when first put on, regardless of the strength of the necessary lenses.


Name: Miru 1Month Menicon - 6

Type: Contact lenses

Manufacturers: Menicon

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