Miru 1day Flat Pack toric - 30 daily lenses

30 dailiy lenses


Miru 1Day Menicon Flat Pack Toric

Miru 1Day Flat Pack Toric from Menicon are daily disposable lenses in an ultra-flat package. They are comfortable to wear and provide sharp vision even with astigmatism. The material attracts moisture particularly well and replicates the natural tear film in the surface. Thus, the natural tear fluid combines with the lens surface and ensures long-lasting wearing comfort.áMiru's unique Centraform edge design minimizes friction between the eyelid and lens edge during blinking.

Ultra-thin and environmentally friendly contact lens packaging

The packaging of Miru 1Day Flat Pack Toric is revolutionary. The blisters are 1mm thin and fit comfortably in any carry-on luggage.áThey are easy to open and the lens is always directly "right side up" in the blister with the outside facing up.

Less raw material consumption and less waste


  • Plastic used for lens packaging has been reduced by about 80%.

  • Approximately 99% of the plastic used in production is recycled.

  • The packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic.

  • More than half of the saline solution in the blister is saved.


Name: Miru 1day Flat Pack toric - 30 daily lenses

Type: Contact lenses

Manufacturers: Menicon

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