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Who is behind McLinsen?

The birth of McLinsen in 2004 wasn’t just a great business idea of the 21st century. McLinsen by Urbach Optik is the result of a long history that started in the 60s in America, when Jacqueline Urbach invented soft and later on coloured contact lenses.

What does “by Urbach Optik” stand for?

Since 2011, McLinsen and the quality of its services have been supported by Urbach Optik and thus by the reputation of the pioneer and optical specialist behind Urbach Optik. McLinsen by Urbach Optik is the promise of an optical company with more than half a century of success and experience.

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Our Qualities

  • More than 1 million contact lenses in stock
  • Branded lenses obtained directly from the manufacturer
  • Fifty years of experience in the contact lens business
  • Specialist expertise thanks to our optician background

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