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The present General Terms and Conditions govern all rights and duties arising from the business relations between McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG and its customers. In placing an order, customers recognise at the time when such an order is made that the present General Terms and Conditions as amended form part of the contractual agreement. Applicability of any general terms and conditions of the customer is excluded. Any agreements, supplementary agreements or side agreements divergent from the General Terms and Conditions of McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG shall only apply in circumstances where such agreements, supplementary agreements or side agreements have been confirmed by McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG.
In the event that one of the provisions included within the contract shall be invalid either in whole or in part, this shall be without prejudice to the validity of all other remaining provisions or parts of provisions therein contained. Any such invalid provision shall be replaced by an appropriate provision that most closely reflects the  legal purpose pursued.

Contact lenses:

Contact lenses are only dispensed if contact lenses have already been fitted by an optician or optometrist. In placing an order, customers confirm that they are experienced users of contact lenses. Please visit your contact lens specialist or optometrist for regular follow-up checks. Follow-up checks should take place every 6 to 12 months. If you are unable to find a contact lens specialist to carry out a follow-up check, you may visit one of our partner opticians.

Novelty lenses and cosmetic lenses:

Afocal cosmetic contact lenses should be fitted by an optician. Fun lenses should not be worn for more than 6 to 8 hours a day. The lenses must then be properly cleaned and stored. Please consult the instructions for use or ask your optician. Afocal cosmetic contact lenses are not a replacement for sun glasses! Please use good quality sun glasses with the highest UV rating to protect your eyes.


We accept no liability for possible ordering errors or for errors in transmitting orders. McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG is committed to only supplying its customers with high quality products by reputable manufacturers. Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. We aim to offer you an outstanding service at an excellent price. All orders are processed via a secure SSL connection.

Lead times/delivery deadlines:

We keep 90% of contact lenses and care products in stock, e.g. Focus Dailies, Acuvue 1Day and Acuvue Oasys. These items are available for immediate delivery. Some products, in particular contact lenses with corneal curvature, coloured contact lenses with vision correction and annual lenses, need to be ordered from the manufacturer. The lead time is between 3 and 10 days. In ordering such contact lenses, you consent to this delivery period. Longer lead times may occur in the case of annual contact lenses in particular (4 to 8 weeks). All contact lenses that need to be ordered are excluded from exchange. 


All costs of exchange and dispatch are borne by the customer. The following products are generally excluded from exchange. 
- Care products, Crazylenses (special effect lenses) 
- Any lens package or annual lens container that has been opened 
- Special coloured monthly or annual lenses or customised products such as toric contact lenses Reading glasses are also excluded from exchange. 

Conclusion of contract:

Ordering take place online via transmission of the completed order form. Irrespective of confirmation of receipt of order, the contract is not concluded until goods have been delivered. 

Data protection:

McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG uses personal customer data. Customers receive detailed notification from us of the nature, scope, location and purpose of the collection, processing and use of personal data necessary for the execution of orders (data processing). The customer expressly consents to this data processing.

Shipping costs in Switzerland:

Prior to conclusion of contract, McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG informs customers of shipping and logistics costs incurred to the extent that these costs are borne by the customer. No minimum order amount applies. All deliveries are dispatched by PostPac Economy. 


The purchase price falls due for payment within 10 days of order. Customers may settle the purchase price via remittance slip or credit card. For the purpose of credit checks, your personal data will be transmitted to Intrum AG. You can find detailed information about Intrum's data processing under the following link. If your address is not included in any telephone directory or other register, we may send you an e-mail requesting payment in advance. McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG may cancel an order in circumstances where a customer is not creditworthy or has one of more outstanding invoices with McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG. A fee of CHF 10 may be made for reminders.

Costs in the event of late payment: processing fee (at the earliest after two written reminders after the invoice date, when handed over to collection service manager) according to www.fairpay.ch

Guarantee and liability:

We must be notified of obvious defects in writing within two weeks of receipt. Assertion of guarantee claims is excluded in cases where notification of obvious defects is not provided in a timely manner. McLinsen.ch powered byVision Group AG guarantees that it will execute deliveries as quickly as possible. McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG accepts no liability for any deliveries not received. In the event that a guarantee case occurs, we will be prepared to make a replacement delivery. In the case of replacement deliveries, we will be liable to the same extent as for the original item. McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG makes every endeavour to state product information that is as complete and correct as possible (e.g. water content, weight, illustration of packaging etc.). Customers are recommended always to consult the specific information contained on the package leaflet. McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG makes every endeavour to provide article descriptions that are as accurate as possible. McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG uses original information from the respective manufacturer or supplier for this purpose and accepts no guarantee for the correctness of such information. Depictions of products may vary. Particularly in the case of illustrations of coloured lenses, customers should bear their own eye colour in mind. McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG is not responsible for the compatibility of products supplied. Goods are dispatched to you in the original unopened packaging provided by the manufacturer. No liability is accepted for incorrect use and handling. 

We reserve the right to make price changes and changes to the Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery. Although McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG makes every endeavour to ensure that the picture material and detailed information provided by McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG is as currently valid as possible, changes occasioned by the manufacturer may occur without prior notice. All prices include value added tax at 8%. 


In placing your order, you confirm the following.

  • You have already worn contact lenses and are completely familiar with how to handle and care for them.
  • You regularly visit your optician/optometrist for checks, i.e. you have been examined by an optician/optometrist during the past 12 months and no complications in connection with the wearing of contact lenses have been identified.
  • In the event that any complaints should arise with regard to the wearing of contact lenses, you will cease wearing contact lenses without delay and will seek an immediate eye examination from your optician/optometrist.
  • No claims may be asserted against McLinsen.ch powered by Vision Group AG for any complications, complaints or other problems which may occur.

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