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Whether monthly disposable, one-day lenses or colored FUN-lenses, the selection in terms of contact lenses, today more than great. In our online shop you will find a wide range of color lenses, monthly lenses and others. However, in this text, it should not go to any monthly disposable lenses or lenses, but we want to deal specifically with colored lenses. These colored lenses can be found in our shop just under the appropriate category on the left side of the home page. So now the question arises, what can be expected from these lenses, what they can offer me and how much money should I invest it.

Basically, it is so that you can always ahead once must decide what type of lenses you want. When it comes to improving the eyesight or get in fact just about a specific event times a different eye color. Colored lenses for all occasions With our color lenses, of course, both are possible. We offer quite a wide range of such lenses. Here, almost all color combinations and color variations that can be introduced in this area. Of course, these lenses both with prescriptin than just without.

Who is already said above, in search of such lenses for parties who also has interest in a matching set. We offer you in terms of contact lenses also sets so that you can combine and may alternate. Each event a different eye color? That means it is absolutely no problem. But not matter on which the colored contact lenses align, there is a lot of emphasis placed on quality. Typically, you receive this 2 soft lenses that perfectly adapt her eye. The carrying duration of most colored lenses amounts to 1-3 months, ie so that one can speak of normal lenses. If you have a vision, they should make sure that you only put on lenses with diopter. This we have not at all colored lenses, so pay attention to the product. With included in the colored lenses of course, is a care agent and a container for storing the correct lenses. Colored lenses for party, carnival and Halloween are ideal for changing the own eye color. But always remember that you must take charge of your own eye color during color changes. Especially with dark eyes can make it hard to get bright eyes, suddenly become apparent to conjure up.

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