EYEYE All in One NO RUB 2x360ml

2x360ml and 1 lens case


EYEYE All in One is a product for the care of all soft contact lenses. Thanks to its unique formula with provitamin B5, EYEYE All in One nourishes, protects and supports the eye surface while wearing the lenses. EYEYE All in One cleans, removes protein deposits, disinfects, keeps, moistens and rinses your contact lenses. Contents: 2x360ml and 1x lens case.


Name: EYEYE All in One NO RUB 2x360ml

Type: Care products

Manufacturers: Conil

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Our Qualities

  • More than 1 million contact lenses in stock
  • Branded lenses obtained directly from the manufacturer
  • Fifty years of experience in the contact lens business
  • Specialist expertise thanks to our optician background

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