DLENS All in One with Hyaluron Flight Pack

Flightpack (2 x 60ml) Lens Case

The solution DLENS All in One with Hyaluron Flight Pack is out of stock and will be available again at the beginning of April 2020. As an alternative we recommend the product DLENS All in One 60ml Flight Pack. Simply click on the alternative product below


DLENS All in One with Hyaluron is an innovative new kind of solution with hyaluron incorporated into it. Hyaluron is a substance that occurs naturally in the body in many organs and tissues such as the eyes, skin and joints, and it is the perfect substance for wetting the eyes gently, naturally and for a long period of time to prevent them from drying out. This guarantees comfort when wearing lenses until late in the evening, while the fact that this solution cleans, disinfects and rinses in one step also makes it very convenient to use.

The 60ml bottle is supplied individually without container. The 360ml bottle is automatically delivered with container.


Name: DLENS All in One with Hyaluron Flight Pack

Type: Care products

Manufacturers: Urbach Optik

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