DLENS All in One Flight Pack

Flightpack (2 x 60ml) Lens Case
This product is currently experiencing supply problems from the manufacturer. Please check if your desired quantity is available. If the desired quantity is not available, we listed an alternative product down below.

DLENS All in One is no longer available

Alternatively, we recommend DLENS All in One with hyaluron. Handling, cleaning and disinfection are the same. The comfort with contact lenses is even better thanks to Hayluronic acid


This all in one lens care product is suitable for all soft contact lenses.
Both safe and easy to use, the high quality combi solution, which contains an integrated protein remover, it is suitable for cleaning, disinfecting, storing, rinsing and wetting contact lenses.
One contact lens container is included.


Name: DLENS All in One Flight Pack

Type: Care products

Manufacturers: Urbach Optik

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