CONTOPHARMA rinsing S with System GPHCL - 250ml



After cleaning the contact lenses, the “Rinsing S” rinsing component ensures that even organic residues are removed very well from the lens surface of hard contact lenses. In addition, the rinsing solution in the Contopharma System GPHCL helps to wet the lens surface with moisture. This can significantly increase the comfort of contact lenses.

The “Rinse S” component of the Contopharma System GPHCL can do even more. The rinsing solution also ensures that the lens surface binds moisture well to itself. And it ensures that germs are deposited on the contact lens to a less extent. This allows you to wear contact lenses longer before you need to take care of them again.

The rinsing solution does not just disinfect the contact lens while it is being kept in the solution. The Contopharma System GPHCL also has a preventive effect.


Name: CONTOPHARMA rinsing S with System GPHCL - 250ml

Type: Care products

Manufacturers: Contopharma

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