CONTOPHARMA lens lid - 25ml bottle

25 ml
This product is currently experiencing supply problems from the manufacturer. Please check if your desired quantity is available. If the desired quantity is not available, we listed an alternative product down below.

Lens & Lid is no longer produced

As an alternative, we recommend from Contopahrma the new Inno Drops for even better moisturization of the eyes and contact lenses.


With a special combination, besides maintaining comfort and safety for the eye, contamination of the contact lens is prevented during wear.With a new composition, «lens & lid» is supposed to reduce the formation of impurities on the contact lens.

The «lens & lid» solution is particularly suitable for rewetting when there is an increased tendency to form deposits on the contact lenses.


Name: CONTOPHARMA lens lid - 25ml bottle

Type: Care products

Manufacturers: Contopharma

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