ColourVUE 3Tones Aqua 2

2 pcs. 3monthly lenses


The 3Tones series enhances your own eye colour! Change your type or intensify your eye colour with these coloured contact lenses. It's the perfect colour mix of ColourVUE 3Tones that intensifies the radiance of your eyes by combining pattern and colour.

3Tones contact lenses are soft coloured 3 month lenses. These fine coloured lenses are more suitable for light eyes, as they can cause a barely visible colour change in dark eyes.

Contents: 2 pieces

Species: 3-monthly, coloured lenses

Colour: Aqua

Material: Hydrogel Terpolymer

diameter (mm): 14,0

Diopters (dpt): 00.00, -00.50 to -08.00

base curve (mm): 8.6

in eyesight: yes

wearing period: 3 months

Water content (%): 45


Name: ColourVUE 3Tones Aqua 2

Type: Color- and motif lenses

Manufacturers: ColourVUE

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