Cleadew Soft 90ml and 7 tablets

90ml and 7 tablets


Cleadew Soft

Cleadew Soft is a highly efficient and hygienic care product for soft contact lenses based on povidone-iodine. It ensures an incomparably thorough killing of germs and at the same time is as gentle to the eye as hardly any other care product. The liquid reacts with the added iodine tablet. After only 4 hours, the tablet has completely dissolved and the cleaning and disinfection process is complete. The liquid changes colour from orange to clear/colourless during the process. After four hours, the liquid is completely clear again and the lenses can be placed directly on the eye without further rinsing. Cleadew Soft contains no additional preservatives, is very mild on the eyes, especially suitable for allergy sufferers and provides superior disinfection of all soft contact lenses.


Name: Cleadew Soft 90ml and 7 tablets

Type: Care products

Manufacturers: Ophtecs

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