Clariti Elite 6

PuraComfort one Day - the most attractively priced daily lens as an alternative to Clariti Elite monthly lenses. More hygiene & full purity for your eyes every day. Switch to PuraComfort one Day daily disposable lenses now without any readjustment and you


Spherical silicon hydrogel four-week lenses, suitable for daily use. Can be worn for extremely long hours each day thanks to a high water content and high oxygen permeability as well as a low modulus. Easy to switch from hydrogel lenses. 56% water content.


Name: Clariti Elite 6

Type: Monthly Lenses

Manufacturers: Cooper Vision

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Our Qualities

  • More than 1 million contact lenses in stock
  • Branded lenses obtained directly from the manufacturer
  • Fifty years of experience in the contact lens business
  • Specialist expertise thanks to our optician background

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