Biomedics Toric 6


The Biomedics® Toric lens is a soft contact lens that can be worn for up to a month. It is made from ocufilcon D with a water content of 55% and is used to correct corneal irregularities.
It stands out because of its design, which will ultimately minimize the amount it rotates when you blink. This is due to the lens being the same thickness all the way across horizontally, which improves its stability.
The surface of the Biomedics® toric UV is extremely smooth, and thanks to its
flattened edge, your upper eyelid will slide over it easily and effortlessly. This guarantees hygiene and
will make the lens comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The integrated UV filter will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.


Name: Biomedics Toric 6

Type: Monthly Lenses

Manufacturers: Cooper Vision

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