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Proclear Toric

Proclear Toric monthly lenses

Proclear Toric monthly disposable lenses are the first soft contact lenses in the world with phosphorylcholine, a natural substance. It is used because of their absolute tissue compatibility for artificial arteries, bypasses, implants or cannulas. The strict American FDA has Proclear restarted granted a classification that is exceptional in contact lenses. "Proclear contact lenses lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or dryness during lens wear, give an enhanced wearing comfort The Proclear Toric contact lenses remain throughout the day until late into the night evenly moist, there is virtually no feeling of dryness in the eye. Thus no protein removal is necessary. This allows an unimpeded fluid transport through the contact lenses. The only contact lens with an FDA approval for wearing for dry eyes.

Which lenses should I take?

Years lenses and monthly lenses have some differences. For this reason you should check by your optician what lenses are best suited for you. If you are sure that your eyesight over time will not deteriorate, feel free access to Long Term Lenses. With fluctuating eyesight other contact lenses are an excellent alternative. It should be noted for both species that they should be removed overnight. Regardless of which type of lens you choose, you should still regularly go to your eye doctor to check. If you do not notice the changes, it can cause irreparable damage. If you'd rather opt for monthly contact lenses, the lenses Proclear Toric are exactly the right ones for you. These lenses are ideal for correction of astigmatism. Among the lenses you will also receive a care product and a container for the correct storage of your lenses. The lenses Proclear Toric are interchangeable and they have a unique design. Proclear Toric offer a clear vision and a comfortable fit. They have a perfect fit, are easy to carry and are slightly tinted. This feature ensures optimal handling of the lens, because you can find them easily again.

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